Cloud CIFTIS Kicked off with New Functions

China International Fair for Trade in Services (hereinafter referred to as "CIFTIS"), as the largest comprehensive fair for trade in services in the world and the leading fair for trade in services in China, is one of the three exhibition platforms for opening-up in China. After CIFTIS 2020 Digital Platform was officially launched on June 16, Leading Group Office of Beijing Organizing and Service Guarantee joined hands with JD Group on July 16 to create the multiple new function modules such as the officially-available cloud exhibition hall, cloud meeting reservation, project release, intelligent matching and customer service center on CIFTIS Digital Platform, which provided new experience in the continuous 365-day cloud exhibition for the supply and demand connection, communication and business talk, exchange and cooperation between the Chinese and foreign exhibition merchants.


"Cloud Exhibition Hall" Helps Project Promotion via Live Broadcast

Under the background of normal epidemic prevention and control, the exhibition mode has been increasingly novel. "Cloud Exhibition Hall" is the carrier of online exhibition and display for CIFTIS Digital Platform; the exhibitors may build their own online booths with the help of the digital booth template after the online registration and online booth application for entry. By designing the large and long pictures for the product and service introduction with rich content and producing wonderful exhibition materials such as publicity videos or interactive H5 animations, the enterprises can display the key service trade products, core competitiveness and successful cases that they hope to display with simple background operations.


Available synchronously is the exhibitor's live broadcast service. The exhibitors can apply for opening the live broadcasting rooms to promote the trade-in-service projects and share the service experience via live broadcast marketing.

"Cloud Meeting Reservation" Extends the Meeting Capacity

The forum meeting has always been an important part in CIFTIS. After CIFTIS Digital Platform launched the function of "Cloud Meeting Reservation" this time, the enterprises or institutions entering the platform can apply for "online meeting" through the platform's cloud meeting reservation system.

Based on the cloud resources and technical support of JD Cloud & AI, CIFTIS Digital Platform can support online meetings simultaneously held on 500 cloud meeting rooms.

"Big Data + Intelligent Matching" Meets Project Demands Accurately

CIFTIS Digital Platform launched the project release system, so varieties of enterprises completing the platform registration can release their intentions of project cooperation in the project release column on the official website of CIFTIS to obtain the business opportunities conveniently and quickly.


In addition, CIFTIS Digital Platform designed and planned the function of big data statistics and analysis, therefore, in the process where the exhibition merchants build the booths, release the exhibited items and disclose the projects, the platform will automatically record the key information such as industries, fields, classifications and their areas linked with the relevant content. Simultaneously, the platform supports the manual addition of key-word labels. The platform will conduct an intelligent matching, accurately recommend the information of exhibition merchants, booths and exhibited items, and track the deals according to the user browsing history and portrait information. JD Group's utilization of the big data enables the digital platform to realize the statistics and analysis of massive data, to develop and match the business opportunities intelligently, and to realize the efficient connection between the exhibitors and purchasers.

Customer Service Centers Provides 7*24 Hours of Services "Without Rest"

CIFTIS Digital Platform provides auxiliary services while such core functions as the forum meeting and the exhibition and display are launched. Based on the technical advantages of JD Cloud & AI in the intelligent customer service, the CIFTIS provides the one-stop AI customer services. CIFTIS Digital Platform will provide the online intelligent customer service, online human customer service and 7*24-hour calling center, and all the services above will be provided in both Chinese and English.

Intelligent customer service robots will provide the round-the-clock FAQ service, including the conference-related questions such as the answer to knowledge related to CIFTIS, exhibition information, exhibition hall profile and participation guide, who haves completed the machine learning through AI training and can master the Q&A and reception services in the most scenarios; Such questions as unanswerable for the intelligent customer service will be turned to the online human customer service or phone calling centers for more accurate services.


With more new functions on the digital platform being launched, CIFTIS 2020 is around the corners of the global exhibition merchants to provide new experience in digital and intelligent cloud exhibitions for the development of business opportunities and new platforms.