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Consulate hosts "Meeting Together at the Consulate" China-Australia Students Networking Program

On 4th July, Chinese Consulate General in Brisbane held "Meeting Together at the Consulate" China-Australia Students Networking Program. Acting Consul General Zhou Li attended and delivered welcome remarks. The speech text is as follows:

Remarks by Acting Counsel-General Ms. ZHOU Li at the "Meeting Together at the Consulate"

Good morning everyone!

I am pleased to welcome our young friends from Griffith University and Peking University to the Chinese Consulate-General. This gathering has become a fine tradition between us, but this year my young colleagues make it a little bit different. I hope you will find and enjoy their hospitality here.

Statistics show that by the middle of this century, Asia will hold 50% of the world's wealth and three of the four world's biggest economies will be in Asia. Griffith University has demonstrated its wisdom and vision to be the pioneer of promoting Australia-Asia and Australian-China relations.I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation.

This year marks the 45th anniversary of our diplomatic relations. We have come a long way from the establishment of China-Australia relations to the present comprehensive strategic partnership. China has become Australia's largest trading partner and seventh largest source of investment and its fifth largest destination for foreign investment. However, investment from Australia to China is only made up 4% of its total stock of outbound investment, and investment from china amounts to only 2.7% of the total stock of foreign investment absorbed by Australia. There are enormous potentials to tap in the future.

China and Australia relationship is much more than transactions, they are a partnership of multiple dimensions. For this, the two countries need more dialogue, understanding and learning from each other. The deeper our understanding toward each other and the greater our mutual trust, then the broader the prospect for our practical cooperation in all areas. Young people like you play the vital role in this regards.

As the chinese saying goes, If you don't walk out, you will think that this is the whole world. We earnestly encourage our young people seize the chances to explore the new world, to learn from each other, to enhance mutual understanding, to make more friends and in return, your firm belief and commitment to the friendship and partnership between our two countries will lay a solid foundation for a more bright and promising future of China-Australia relations.

I wish you visit this month and your future visit to Beijing in October a great success!

Thank you!

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