Zhao Lijian: the so-called "Uyghur Tribunal" has nothing to do with law. It's a pure anti-China farce.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian's

Regular Press Conference on June 8, 2021


China Daily: The "Uyghur Tribunal" is accusing the Chinese government of violating human rights and committing "genocide" in Xinjiang at public hearings held from June 4 to 7 in London. There are media reports saying that this so-called "tribunal" is actually a private company registered in the UK where the so-called "witnesses" don't need to bear legal liability for perjury and can thus lie about anything. The reports also say that the major source of funding for this so-called "tribunal" comes from anti-China separatist organizations with links to terrorism. Do you have any comment?


Zhao Lijian: Indeed, this so-called "Uyghur Tribunal" has nothing to do with law. It is a pure anti-China farce.

On this so-called "tribunal", what we see is an orchestrated show rather than truth; predetermined conclusions rather than factual arguments; travesty of law rather than efforts to uphold justice.

The largest contributor to its fund is the anti-China organization "World Uyghur Congress" who has been instigating separatist thoughts. Its "Chair" Geoffrey Nice is notorious around the world for filing frivolous lawsuits about human rights, and has close ties with anti-China forces. The so-called "experts" include the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) and Adrian Zenz, who have long been weaving rumors to smear China. The so-called "witnesses" are just "actors" who fabricate all sorts of "persecution" stories that never happened.

No matter how anti-China forces rack their brains to put on anti-China farces, China, including its Xinjiang region, will enjoy greater development and there will be more and more voices in the world calling for an objective and just view of Xinjiang. At the end of day, this clumsy show directed and acted out by those with ulterior motives would be all in vain.